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Greetings internet user,

I hope the new decade is treating you with kindness as we sullenly plough through this barren month of doom, gloom and Bre**t. As my solo show in Den Haag draws to a close, an uncertain future with Europe feels ever more like a pointless / insane leap backwards into the dark. But the die has been cast and we can but hope that the lunatics driving our battered old Routemaster of a country over a metaphorical white cliffs of Dover have something better than a Baldrick-style 'cunning plan' up their sleeves. Time will tell.

Not wanting to get too maudlin - especially as I'm on the wagon and can't even weep into a pint of absinthe to console myself - I've been cracking on with the art and have not one but TWO group shows coming up this month in London and Brighton,

In our smoky capital we have 'The Beautiful and Damned' at BSMT Space, Dalston. Some great artists on the bill, it promises to be an excellent show and the opening will be a riot with live music from The Great Malarky. The exhibition only runs from the evening of the 27th to the 1st March so you'll have to be quick or you'll miss it.

In Brighton I'll be showing at Conclave on Queens Road from 1st Feb through to the end of April. No info yet about who the other artists will be, but if you're in town there'll be an private view from 6pm on the 31st January. Come on down, I'll be the sober one enviously eyeing up the booze.

I'm won't be neglecting my Rickenbacker either, with two gigs this week with Suzie Stapleton at The Brunswick in Hove and Rough Trade in Bristol on Friday and Saturday 24 / 25th Jan.

See her website for details. Suzie is just finishing up her debut album and it's sounding EPIC, MONSTER, HUGE and several other words that demand CAPITAL LETTERS. Seriously, it's really good. Have a listen to lead single 'Thylacine' here and prepare for the sonic earthquake that will be hitting the earth this spring.

So plenty of chances to have both your ears and eyes assaulted by me this month, batten down the hatches and I'll see you on the other side.

peace and love


Gavin Jay

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