Happy effing x--s

So here we are then, the dreaded season is upon us, The Great Festival of Consumption. Go forth and suck at the teat of gluttony people, pump our ailing economic veins with xmas bonuses like a desperate shot to an addled degenerate. Dig your snouts deeply into the trough and be sure to instagram your Bacchanalian indulgences as we rinse your wallets and feed your avarice. Mawkish sentiments hawk indestructible landfill bought on ever bloated credit cards, a lexicon of shame labelling non-participants.

No, but really I'm a big fan.

It'll be nice to see the family anyway. And there have been some fun nights about town, even if the streets are littered with amateur drunks teetering and puking about. The Vive Le Rock Xmas Party was one such proper funtime. I had the honour of performing bass duties in the backing band with a host of salubrious and infamous guests. The evening, held in Holloways' Nambucca, featured a guest list that could have slipped through time directly from The Roxy in 1976. We had a Sex Pistol, a Buzzcock various Vibrators, Addicts, Adverts, Boys and Ruts and a host of others I was too pissed by the end to remember. Many thanks to Eugene and all at Vive Le Rock for poisoning my liver.

Jenny from Priscillas dishes out the Jagermeister to Diggle and Cookie as I poke me head in.

We also released the video for Something's Gonna Get It's Hands On You which, necessity being the mother of invention we shot and produced ourselves. We had a small crew helping out and everyone involved put in a huge amount of work with a budget of nothing. We filmed quickly between three of us, improvising shots to a rough sketch idea a Red Riding Hood revenge.

There was a learning curve as I tackled Adobe Premier and hacked through the large pile of video files. I locked the door, dove in to surface a week later with a finished video and the edges of my sanity singed. I think it came out not too bad given the limitations. Our amazing lead Shay-anne played it to Marilyn Manson who gave it a gothic thumbs up on instagram, a hearty and thoroughly modern endorsement.

So as I strap myself in and prepare for the onslaught I'll bid you good luck and see you on the other side.

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