Thee Unholy Innocents

Some years ago Brother Neil Robertson​ and myself hatched plans to collaborate on a band named Thee Unholy Innocents​. Despite promising rehearsals for a variety of reasons it didn't take flight at the time. Schedules, blah de blah. But the seeds gestated, nurtured by Neil's patience and vision as he gathered together a collective to breathe life into The Idea. Genuine Guitar Hero Neil 'x' Whitmore​ of Sigue Sigue Sputnik fame and the multi-talented Alex McGowan​ assisted proceedings and over several years and recording sessions an album slowly materialised from the ether. This track began life as a nasty 16-bit guitar riff I gave Neil about a decade ago which through the talents of others has evolved into this gospel punk spaghetti disco anthem.

Thee Unholy Innocents. The future is unwritten - enjoy.

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