Find Some Art

Greetings all,

Been touting my arty wares some more, there is now a page on Artfinder for those of you in the market for something original to put on your walls. Have a look here for some exclusive art not available anywhere else and if you could spare a moment to click the follow button on the page it will make my heart swell with joy.

I did have a page up on etsy for a while, but it was all a bit 'mums-craft' for my tastes, 'inspirational' quotes painted on a glittery sea shells, that sort of thing. No place to contain the demonik forces of surrealism that I'm toying with, hopefully Artfinder will prove to be more useful.

I'm also sharing a picture here from my friend Mark in New York, who bought one of pieces and sent me this snap of his very snazzy pad. That's mine on the end next to a Jamie Reid and a Billy Childish, with a piece by Paul Simonon on the other wall - very fine company to be in! #honoured

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