Back in the room

Apologies for the break in communications, regular service will be resumed henceforth. Been a busy old time of it though, let me fill you in on the details.

We finally released our debut Righteous Mind album 'Super Natural' after what feels like an eternity of delays and setbacks. But I have to say the response has been fantastic, garnering some of our best reviews ever including our first 10/10 from Vive Le Rock magazine. Very rewarding as getting it out there has been like carrying a surly gorilla up several flights of stairs whilst wearing flippers. And we're not at the top yet. But I couldn't be more proud of the record and indeed the band, an excellent bunch of fellows who are on blistering tip-top form right now. We've been hitting the road touring in Holland, France, Spain and the UK and the shows have been stormers. There's a certain amount of growing a band does that you can only get by going out there and treading the boards and things have certainly stepped up a notch with the lads. So be warned, you'll have to dust off your earplugs and polish your dancing shoes again.

We were delighted to be invited to Paris to film a TV special for CANAL+ and their 'Album De La Semaine' show. We'd done this a few times with the Revue and it was great to be back and seeing a few familiar faces. Including a one Mr Nick Jones, the first time us three have been in the same room together since The Forum.

You can watch the set we filmed on their website, but you'll have to be in France to view it. Or if you're smart you can use a VPN... I didn't tell you that, though....

I also shot and directed a video for Suzie Stapleton, which you can see below and on the new video page.

Yes, the video page is back, now split this into two sections, work of my own and videos I've been in over the years. Ever wonder what hairstyle I had in 2003? Of course you have! Well now you can finally find out. There's a cool one of the Jim Jones Revue in Australia as well, check it out.

As if that wasn't enough I've been making a whole bunch of art, with some exciting (well for me, anyway) news coming up soon regarding an exhibition. Aaaaand I've been working on the album art for Henri Herberts forthcoming live album.

So give me a break ok??? This is a lot for a terminally lazy man to take on. Jeez, I'll post more often. Sorry.


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