NEVER read the comments

A quick guide to Facebook politics.

When engaging online with someone of differing political opinions be sure to keep the following facts in mind.

WE are decent, honest and level-headed. THEY are greedy, lying and corrupt.

WE base our opinions on well researched facts. THEY blindly swallow the lies of a biased media.

WE share insightful posts to inspire people. THEY spread reactionary lies and hatred.

WE want the best for our country. THEY want the worst.

WE care about the welfare of others. THEY think only about themselves.

WE think clearly and rationally. THEY are blinded by stupid emotions.

WE believe in progressing as a society. THEY want to drag us all back to the dark ages.

WE are intelligent, free-thinking individuals. THEY all have identical opinions that they parrot uncritically to each other.

WE are right about everything. THEY are wrong about everything.

And don't worry if THEY start getting all touchy and annoyed - typical of THAT lot - just mention Hitler, wish death on anyone who disagrees and you'll finally win your argument forever, bringing the world together in everlasting peace. 

Well done, you.

Next up - how to win an argument with a brick wall

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