The Work of Satan and His Merry Minions

A mercifully busy time at the minute, which is good news for local crimes rates. The Devil really does make work for idle hands...

My bass-note producing equipment has been kept well oiled, being put to work on new recordings for Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Drip Dry Man and Alluri. More news on those projects soon, meanwhile anyone out there in the Londinium region can get their Righteous Mind fix at Camden Rocks next saturday (4th June.) We're playing at The Cuban along with actual legends The Godfathers and the thoroughly excellent Deadcuts, Ginger Wildheart and more. A great bill and it's opposite Cyberdog too, so you can stock up on neon hair dye and transmuter boots when you're done.

I'm also very much looking forward to making my live debut this weekend with the remarkable Suzie Stapleton at Liverpool Sound City. Joining us will be Ian White from Gallon Drunk, who'll be pounding the drums with customary louche swagger and it promises to be a very exciting couple of gigs - more to be announced soon. Suzie is also playing Camden Rocks only without us lads, which is fine with me cos I'm a lazy bugger and couldn't be arsed with doing two shows on the same day. You should go though. In fact you'd be a massive twat not to. That may sound harsh but it needed to be said. You owe it to yourself, stop mucking about.

So as my fingers pluck out the bassy grooves for these good people and my energies are diverted into constructing walls of sonic mayhem, the blood-rage slowly subsides and a great calm finally descends upon me. Music does indeed have charms to soothe a savage breast and the villagers may sleep soundly in their beds once again. For now, at least...

Love you, now get off my land.


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