It's here! Aldecide - the second release for The Righteous Mind with a short film to promote it directed by our very own Mr Jim Jones.

Under the banner of The Righteous Mind Collective we drew together a fine selection of performers and artists to pull off the filming on a tiny budget. Despite the limitations everyone involved gave it their all and worked brilliantly together.

The state of the music and arts scene in 2016 means that there just isn't any money to throw at projects like these any more. We all work for free to make our vision happen, hoping that in the long term we'll be able to share any wealth or success that may come our way. Which is difficult to the point of impossible at times, but at least we don't have awful over-paid media hipsters hanging around. Our poverty scares 'em away.

All in all a sterling job and one that propels the Righteous Mind as a concept beyond just the music. It's a creative space which is open to collaboration across the arts - exciting stuff.

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