Back in Town

Belated Happy New Year, belated new blog post. Hectic times, what can I say? Been a lot of good stuff on the telly.

So here's the short version because I know you're busy people with busy lives. Since my last posting I packed me bags and got back in the saddle with those Righteous Mind lads, a favourite occupation of mine. Hitting the dusty highways in search of adventure and fine wines our voyage naturally led us across the seas to France, where they have gallons of the stuff in a range of exciting flavours. In gratitude we rocked hard, met friends old and new and even managed to find time to get pleasingly inebriated once or twice. Fancy that.

Returning to Blighty we stopped off to play our debut radio session for Marc Riley, recording in the lovely old BBC Maida Vale studios. In fact, this was the very room where years earlier we'd done our first Revue session for the acerbic Mark Lamarr. We take this as a good omen from The Gods of Rock and pipe our sounds into the ears of the radio listening public.

Onwards we traversed around the United Kingdom, following a full-on schedule with nary a wink of sleep. Taking advantage of our befuddled exhaustion Phil Martini loosened his chains and escaped with a passing Spear of Destiny. Luckily Big Jim Sclavunos was within earshot and came leaping to our aid. Ripping open his shirt heroically he roared that HE would now command the drums. And who were we to argue with this feral wolf-giant? We welcomed his gargantuan frame into our tiny tour bus and continued on our way.

Things nearly came unstuck in Glasgow where we were introduced to a heady brew known as Buckfast, a singular beverage that in all honesty I'd hesitate to recommend. We cruelly inflict it upon an unsuspecting Suzie Stapleton, a shameful act I still feel guilty about. Thankfully her hardy Australian genetics enabled her to survive the caffeinated wine abomination and continue to play an excellent set, but it was a close call. Sorry Suzie.

Projections by Julian Hand

Across the land we brought thee Righteous Noise with added Bad Seed, fuelled by the finest bread and hummus Tescos could provide. Rider food, we love you! Promoters who give us open bar tabs - we love you even more! Hope your businesses recover from the losses.

Projections by Julian Hand

Eventually we wind up proceedings in Hackney for a 'staggeringly pulsating performance' featuring 'a clattering cauldron of percussive voodoo rhythms' at Oslo, not far from me own gaff in fact. A cracking show and great end to the tour. Mercifully easy to stagger home from too. Not that I want to give you good people the impression that I'm some kind of drunkard, heaven forbid...

Big Jim Sclavunos and Wee Suzie Stapleton

So many thanks to 'The Voon' for saving our asses and to everyone who came out and supported us on our tour - we love you dearly in ways that almost verge on the inappropriate.

After we returned to our homesteads and sufficiently detoxed our aching livers we set about searching for our errant drum beast. The detective we'd hired tracked him down to a discarded bass drum where he'd fashioned a nest for the winter. From there it was relatively easy to have him shot with tranquillizer darts and delivered back to us securely caged - just in time for a xmas knees-up at What's Cookin' in Leytonstone.

pic by Julian Hand

A right old lark in a proper old boozer - downstairs was Elvis karaoke night for the O.A.P.s, upstairs we danced on the tables and blasted out the rock n roll. Proper fun, just like what we used to have in the old days.

What's that you say? What's coming up in 2016? Well, I'll tell you. We're about to shoot a video for our new single before heading back to France, as our wine supplies are dwindling. There'll be another UK tour and of course the long-awaited album. Some other musical bits and pieces I'm involved with are also bubbling up - more news on that soon. And yes, I'll be writing here more often - hey, it's a New Years Resolution! And we all know how effective they are.

Love and rust



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