Spreading the good word

We've pumped several thousand volts through this stitched-together creature known as The Righteous Mind and by god it's alive and running amok. First blood has been drawn at venues across Europe, France so far taking the most casualties but severe cases of rock n roll psychosis have also been reported in London. Where will it stop?

It's great to be playing again. Beyond great, in fact it's utterly necessary. After months behind closed doors working on the songs it's both exhilarating and something of a relief to finally get the music out there. A band only really exists when it's stood before a crowd, when it conjures that special energy to make hearts pound and legs move. Sure, you can have a 'studio project' and never play live but a band... a band feeds on the energy of audiences, amplifying it, whipping them up into elevated states, creating a moment where time pauses and the self is truly lost. Regardless of what equipment you're using it's all about the collective consciousness, baby.

The response has been way better than I could have hoped for. Seems everywhere we play so far people are getting it and getting down to it. Some ecstatic reviews have already come in. An 'astonishing debut... the best band in North London' says Event Industry News. Why, thank you kindly sir - although I don't know who these jumped up southeners are who think they're better than us - seriously though, this is not a lifestyle choice for the faint-hearted and I'm grateful for the encouragement. This is absolutely a labour of love for us and we've put up with a ton of shit to get things moving again. It's not just about stroking the ego (honestly) - a few words go a long way when you're faced with a pile of bills you can't pay and you start thinking about that sensible job with the regular wage...(never!)

With The Jim Jones Revue it was amazing to see how far a simple idea like playing with a bit of passion can take you. In an age where everything is commodified by big business and punk is just another marketing brand I've found that there's still room to connect with like-minded music fans around the world. It won't make you rich but you'll gain more than money can buy if you stick with it and don't crap out. And we did it with honesty and that's what clicked with people. But proud as I am with the achievements of JJR it did feel like we were getting hemmed in, constrained by public perception as a 'retro' band (which we never were) and, along with increasing tensions from within, it was all in danger of becoming stale. And so we stopped.

Now, with The Righteous Mind it feels like we have space to spread our wings, to grow and head off into uncharted territories. We have a fine set of supremely talented gentlemen working with us and a blank slate to do whatever we want. So step aboard, brothers and sisters - it's going to be a fun ride.

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