Strange Omens

June 30, 2015

There have been curious happenings across the land this week. In Suffolk a three-headed lamb with wings and human teeth was born causing all who beheld it to lose their minds. Strange arcane symbols appeared on the side of a church in Newgate, crackling intensely with a fierce electrical glow before suddenly vanishing. Eyeless crimson frogs rained down on the West Country whilst in Kent crows were reportedly barking like dogs and flying backwards. At midnight on Sunday the moon turned blood red over Hampshire, accompanied by the sounds of deep rumbling thunder despite clear skies.


Tonight London plays host to the British debut of Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind - are we to assume that all of these events are somehow related? Perhaps, perhaps not. But I must admit that I am somewhat fearful of the forces we are about to unleash. Maybe we have gone too far in our conjuring and incantations, but it is too late to stop now. Join us if you dare and may the lord have mercy on our souls...




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