Nick Marsh

Today Nick Marsh left us and the world became a shade more ordinary.

I've been honoured to stumble across Nick many times over the years, sometimes literally but always a pleasure. Usually we'd be in some dark and seedy location and usually in a state of advanced merriment. Hence I'm light on detail but have many great, hazy memories of the man. Always genial, always with a cheeky smile and a cracking anecdot, he was yer actual, bona fide rock 'n' roll gentleman. Hugely talented but always approachable, Nick loved people and knew how to live life. Engaging, funny, interesting and interested, he was one of the good ones and I will miss him. I know I'm far from alone in that seintiment. The outpouring of love and grief from so many right now is testament to the huge impression that Nick made and to what a damn good guy he was.

Here's to ya, mate. x


If you'd like to make a donation to help support his family who are facing some very tough times right now please follow this link -

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