Coming soon...

Behind the scenes here at Jay Towers secret plans are afoot. Actually not that secret, as the news has already snuck loose from it's moorings and has been slithering around the internets for a week or two now. However, for the sake of argument this is new news. Or at least it will be soon. When it's announced. But not yet.

I am willing to tell you that it concerns my new musical project with a certain Mr. Jones but thats all I'm saying for now. In fact I've already said too much. Loose lips sink ships, mums the word and all that. Please erase this post from your memory and we'll say no more about it. But VERY soon we'll have some tasty treats for your earlobes to soak up. And that's a solid gold promise you can take to the bank.

In the meantime I can recommend taking time to aim your peepers at this hilarious little show featuring John Lurie and Tom Waits on an ill-fated fishing trip in Jamaica. Apparently after the filming Tom refused to talk to Lurie years, declaring it "the most absurd thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Personally I'd like to see a little more aimless absurdity like this on our television screens.

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