I'm Cramped

The Cramps were so much more than just a band. They were a way of life, a dangerous and beautiful idea, a living embodiment of the principals of freedom and individuality. They didn't just play rock 'n' roll - they WERE rock 'n' roll. And I'm not talking about the hideous cliché that phrase currently represents - either as a label to justify coked-up obnoxiousness or a sanitised commodity used to sell bank accounts. Lux and Ivy were debauched shamanic priests, conduits for the true spirit of freakishness and subversion, battling banality and conformity at every turn.

Come the glorious revolution the statues of despots and false Britpop idols will be ripped down and a cathedral dedicated to Lux and Ivy shall rise from the ashes. Hallelujah Brothers and Sisters.

#TheCramps #LuxInterior #PoisonIvy

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