Greetings and welcome to me new gaff. In this spot I'll be gathering together the various noodlings and detritus that I expel upon occasion. They will then be safely tagged, catalogued and neutered before being released back into the wild. This process allows you, the modern busy internet user to ignore them both quickly and efficiently.

Some of you may know me as 'that bloke on bass out of the Jim Jones Revue, y'know the moody looking one. No, not him the other one.' But when I'm not pummeling the four strings - and that sounded way more euphemistic than I intended - I sometimes undertake various other artistic endeavours. So if you can be arsed to poke around you'll find a growing mound of words, a pile of old tour pics (I got tons of these to post up, blackmail payments pending), some of my arty bits. Whatever tickles my fancy really. Hopefully it'll tickle yours too. Again with the euphamisms.

Kind Regards



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